We are Available for Speaking Engagements for Schools, Corporations, and Churches

We love engaging in the community and giving back.  Please reach out if you would are in the need of a quest speaker for the topic of Personal Finance, Financial Goal Setting, Buy versus Leasing, Credit Reporting, as well as smart spending

Corporate Events

Schedule a session and gift your employees to help them learn about "Financial Wellness", the importance of an excellent credit score, financial security, retirement preparedness, and financial independence.

There are a variety of sessions offered including:

  • Budgeting 101
  • Get to Know your Credit Report
  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Buying versus Renting
  • 401k versus Roth IRA
  • Stocks versus Bonds
  • Investing 101
  • Entrepreneurship
  • One-Day Sessions
  • 4-Week Sessions (different topic of choice per week)
  • One-on-One Sessions


  • Certified Credit Report Consultant
  • Certified Financial Educator Instructor

*Sessions are offered both in-person and virtual

Church Events

Schedule a 4-Week Budget & Finance Bootcamp for members who are interested in learning more about financial wellness, homeownership, investing, financial goal setting or credit repair.

*Sessions are offered  both in-person and virtual


Schedule financial literacy sessions for your rising seniors to help them learn the importance of saving, budgeting, credit history, and spending to get them ready mentally for the real work.

*Sessions are offered both in-person and virtual

Local Libraries

Our sessions on Budgeting and Money Management will be offered at local libraries for grade schoolers, middle schoolers, High schoolers, College & Universities students, as well as Adults

*Sessions are offered both in-person and virtual

Come to Our Corporate Office

Smaller Financial Literacy sessions are available at our corporate office.

*Sessions are offered both in-person and virtual

Schools (Public & Private)

Schedule 8-week sessions prior to the W!SE test given in the "Economic/Personal Finance".  These topic of these sessions will tailor the W!SE test to augment the students learning and help them successfully past the test.

If interested, please how your school representative contact us for more information.

*Sessions are offered both in-person and virtual

Personal Finance Solutions is affiliated with organizations that bare the similar, values, vision, and mission as we do, which is the help the community both socially and economically.