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A report from the National Financial Educators Council shows that 38% of individuals in a recent survey said their lack of financial literacy cost them at least $500 in 2022, including 15% who said it set them back by $10,000 or more. That’s up from about 11% in 2021. - CNBC

Our Services

Financial Freedom - It is the mission of Personal Finance Solutions - Financial Education & Literacy Program to help instill the financial skills and knowledge needed achieve financial security and responsibility to people of all ages.

We also offer NOTARY PUBLIC Services!

We Come To You

Financial Security  - While our anchor program is promoting financial literacy, PFS offers other programs promoting personal and profession growth, including resume writing tips, and basic computer skills. Contact us for more information about coming to your school, church, or organization.

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Financial Wealth - Please support PFS so we can continue to support and educate all communities by purchasing our encouraging and uplifting products by visiting Thank you! 

What we do?

Personal Finance Solutions was created to serve the community by advocating financial literacy, financial goal setting, homeownership, credit repair, investing, creating a family legacy, and much more.

Personal Finance/Budget Coaching/Credit Repair Consultations

PFS specializes in providing financial literacy, budgeting, personal finance, and other tips to teach money management skills.

​Contact us for to sign up for our budgeting seminars that are offered several times during the year at various locations or one-on-one training.

Personal Finance Classes for Students of all Ages & Adults

PFS offers financial and budgeting classes for kids ages Pre K-6th grade students.  This is a vital age for students to starts understanding the importance of money management at a high level. (i.e. spending vs. saving, how to make money, and the importance of giving).

​The classes offered for teens focuses on managing bank accounts and finding a job.

​The classes offered for high school-age students focuses on saving tips, getting prepared for college and paying bills.

Investing, Homebuying, Business Ownership

We regularly offer industry-relevant training programs and workshops. Our certified instructors have many years of experience in their specialist area and enjoy sharing their expert knowledge with their students.

Meet Our Team

Valerie Y. Waller-Murphy, MBA, PhD, CFEI

Founder & CEO